Monitoring docker containers on Windows using Prometheus + Grafana


Monitoring framework components and its relation
  1. In my setup , I have skipped Alert Manager as I had no need for it at the moment. But you can very well follow the instructions in the above links on how to set them up.
  2. Some of the blogs would suggest mounting “rootfs” volume for cAdvisor and node-exporter containers. Remember , docker in Windows runs inside a Hyper-V MobyLinux VM , If you keep “rootfs” volume mapping on Windows, you will end up with a failure on running your docker-compose up command since rootfs is not available on the Windows docker env. You can safely skip this volume map setting in your docker-compose file for both cAdvisor and node-exporter.
  3. When using docker-compose you will also need to set another Env variable from your Windows powershell to convert your windows paths present in your docker-compose volume mappings. On your Powershell run this command $Env:COMPOSE_CONVERT_WINDOWS_PATHS=1
  4. I have included couple of Dashboards ( updated and customized for windows to receive data from prometheus ) for displaying Container and Host metrics. You can find them present inside Grafana folder in my Github project
Grafana Home
Grafana Docker Container Dashboard
Grafana Docker Host Dashboard



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